Men’s Jewish Star of David Necklace – Shema Yisrael Pendant Inscribed in Hebrew in 24k on Onyx Stone, 20



The Worlds Only 24k Gold Inscribed Jewelry

For the first time ever, a unique, technologically advanced method has allowed us to inscribe the most profound biblical text in 24k gold.

Masterfully crafted profound Hebrew scriptures, forever inscribed in 24k gold.

Our beautifully imprinted necklaces have been gifted to husbands, boyfriends, fathers, sons, best friends, grandad’s and other family members as a mark of appreciation and a thoughtful reminder that they are always in our hearts.

Whether it’s your wedding anniversary, his birthday, Hannukah or for a Bar Mitzvah, gifting our unique, timeless, symbolic jewelry, is a beautiful way to display your faith.

  • Unique Star of David necklace for men inscribed in 24k gold with Shema Yisrael, the most profound Jewish prayer recited daily
  • 24k gold miniature text imprinted on to a black star shaped onyx gemstone and set in your choice of metal frame
  • Elegant jewelry gift box ready for gift giving or receiving
  • Mini magnifying glass to admire every intricate detail
  • Mini jewelry polishing cloth to keep your precious jewelry shiny
  • Anti-Tarnish bag to store your jewelry away from exposure to tarnish 
  • Instructions on how to hold your magnifying glass for correct and optimal use