Pine Ridge Pink Rustic Western Style Christian Wall Cross Decor



Can a wall cross be an art? Many of our pieces certainly look like pieces of art that are designed and lovingly created by skilled craftsmen. This western wall cross is definitely falls into that category. We believe that beauty is a pathway to spirituality and this stunning crucifix does exactly that.

The style is almost too unique for words. You will see for yourself the truly unique elements of this western wall crucifix. If you’re looking for a touch of style, class, and elegance then look no further. The design is one of a kind, inspired by a deep connection with God.

We know that spirituality is a personal thing, and a crucifix in your home should reflect your own personal relationship with God. This Western Wall Cross will reminds us of the sacrifice made by Christ and asks Him for his blessings – all in a strikingly unique way.


  • Pink Western Wall Cross decor is visually striking. 
  • This is perfectly an ideal decorative cross for any room in the home. 
  • Rarely is a Easter cross made with such attention to detail, especially at such a low price.
  • You can be sure of the construction quality. It is built to last and feels solid to the touch. 
  • There is a sense of rustic elegance with this christian cross. 
  • It is both sophisticated and down to Earth, with the two concepts brought together beautifully.
  • This is for people who enjoy combining their spirituality with ornate, intricate and bold design.
  • Artisan Styling and superb construction
  • Made from hard, durable polyresin material
  • exceptionally high quality wall cross
  • VISUALLY STRIKING: A truly striking wall cross that adds a touch of glamour to your home and that will surely turn heads.
  • CHRISTIAN CROSS WITH STYLE: This western wall cross is a magnificent artistic piece that combines the spiritual element of a wall cross with stylish decor.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: You can be sure of the construction quality. It is built to last and feels solid to the touch.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA: This is awesome housewarming gift for family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, or just a gift of serenity to you.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: This rustic wreaths is carefully hand-painted to ensure the best quality possible, realistic looking detail and coloration…OR else, Your Money Back.