Removing Vinyl Wall Art

How To Remove Vinyl Wall Decals

Removing vinyl decals from walls is a very straightforward process. When done properly there should be virtually no damage to the wall at all.  Patience is the key when wondering how to remove vinyl wall decals.

This is our page for removing a wall decal.  If you are looking for how to install them please click —>  HERE  <—

The Tools for Removing Vinyl Decals

You don’t need any fancy equipment for removing vinyl decals.  Sometimes you can simply catch an edge of the decal with a fingernail and slowly pull it off.  However, I always find a sharp object that I can get under the edge with is the easiest route.

Tool to remove vinyl wall decals

I use the tool above for most of my de-installs.  The shape of the hook combined with the sharp end makes it very easy to get under a decal.  I do this for a living so having the right tool tends to be a great time saver for me.  But, you don’t need anything fancy.  An Exacto knife works very well.  Some people simply us a needle or even the tip of a knife.

I should note here that your walls will have an impact on how difficult it is to grab the decal and may necessitate a need for a sharper object.  My walls have a very heavy texture on them.  This makes it extremely easy to get under the decal as there is always a low spot where the decal isn’t making great contact with the wall.  In newer homes, I see a trend of having smooth walls with no texture at all.  For that type of wall, I would most likely use an Exacto knife.

Let’s Remove a Decal

Just take your tool and slip it under a piece of the decal.  Now, slowly pull the decal away from the wall.  Once you can grab it with your fingers, go ahead and slowly pull it all the way off.

how to remove vinyl decals from wall

You want to be very careful hooking the decal with your tool.  This is the most likely place to damage the wall.  I do this a lot and am pretty good at I often knick the wall.  Of course, because I have done it so many times I tend to go too fast lol.

How to remove wall word decals

How To Remove Vinyl Wall Decals

Make sure you peel the decal off very slowly.  Going too fast may take off paint.  Just like when we installed a decal, we found that each type of paint and texture make for a slightly different install and now removal.

Removing Vinyl Decals from Walls

I would estimate that 95% of the time I am removing a decal that I am doing so because I am going to repaint.  I don’t normally care if a small fleck of paint comes off for this reason.  If you are redoing your wall, this may allow you to go faster as minor damage will simply be covered up when you repaint.

Take Your Time

As you learn how to remove vinyl wall decals, you will find that patience makes this process much easier.  You are going have to hook each letter for removal.  Often you may hook different parts of the letter.  Also, small pieces can tear off and stay on the wall.  Just use your tool to snag them and remove them.

Removing a vinyl wall decal


One thing that makes removing vinyl decals tougher is how long they have been on the wall.  A vinyl wall decal that was just put up, comes off extremely easily.  One that has been up for several years can be quite hard to remove.  Over time, they simply adhere more.

That Wasn’t so Bad

It just took a little time.  There is almost never any type of residue left behind.  I normally just paint right over the spot with no other prep.  Again, depending on the type of paint you had and the amount of texture, you may have to clean a little.  However, that is pretty darn rare.

How Did You Do?

Do you now know like you know how to remove vinyl wall decals?

Hopefully, you have found that removing vinyl decals is not really that tough and certainly not something to be afraid of.

Do you have a vinyl decal removal story?  We would love to hear how it went for you.  Just leave us a comment below.  If you are struggling with a particular wall or project please email us for advice.  We have installed hundreds of these and removed hundreds as well.


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