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Welcome so much for coming to the site for Scripture Wall Art, the market leader in the Scripture wall quotes industry. We are so happy you found us and so happy you are on this page wanting to learn a little more about us. Please enjoy our story and site and we look forward to earning your business. We value a relationship with you and appreciate you reading this page. In fact, if you make it all the way to the end, we have a special gift for you. So, let’s get this party started…


…the internet was barely a thing, Do you? It really wasn’t that long ago. Now…who would have thought. The internet has gone from barely being a thing to being THE thing. It affects our lives in every possible way and influences everything about our world. For me, it means having gone from a suit and tie and a 9 to 5 job to what some people still call an unconventional job. Unconventional? I laugh when I hear people say that.

I also remember when Scripture Wall Art was a very tiny business known as Custom Sign Designs. More of a hobby really, we made a small fortune selling a small decal on Ebay that I named “Aliens For Peace” long before we started making Scripture wall quotes.  We sold it for a whole dollar and I think after postage, envelopes, and the actual materials, we profited approximately negative two cents. We were quite the amazing business people lol. I still laugh when I see this little guy. What is amazing is that ten years later there as many as ten sellers that copied this guy and still sell it on Ebay today. I truly hope that all their businesses do as well for them as ours has. I wonder how many businesses might be built thanks to a little alien decal.

Of course, everyone has to start somewhere and those were our humble beginnings. Somewhere along the way after Aliens For Peace actually taught us we could sell stuff online we made a Bible Verse Wall Quote for someone. And the rest, as they say, is history… Scripture Wall Art was born from these humble beginnings. We moved our products over to Amazon about 10 years ago when there were only one or two other sellers making wall quotes. I don’t think back then we could even call it an industry.

Today Scripture wall quotes are a huge deal. It is an industry that grows daily and I personally see no end in sight. These decorative vinyl wall decals come in just about any design possible and are being used just about everywhere. From homes to offices to schools to gyms, wall quotes make an incredible decorating statement.


Today, Scripture Wall Art is a leader in the industry of Scripture wall quotes. We are Amazon Professional Sellers with nearly perfect customer service metrics. We are a “Top Seller” and a “Power Seller” on Ebay. Plus, we sell on another 15+ sites on the internet. We are just about everywhere.

What was once just a hobby is now a full-time income not just for me, but for two families and seasonally up to ten other amazing people. And we have amazing customers just like you to thank for it. You don’t just order a product from us and disappear, you keep coming back to us and ordering more. We can’t thank you enough. In fact, right now, as I am writing this, there is a thank you note from a customer that I just received a day or two ago sitting next to me. It not only thanks us for going above and beyond, but this amazing customer included a check. Wait, what? Yep, a check.

Scripture Wall Quotes Customer Thank You Note

She was so pleased with our service that she called it “above and beyond” and sent us almost as much as she originally paid for her vinyl wall decal. Can you imagine that? Truth be known, I am a pretty good customer to work with. And in restaurants, the servers love to see me coming. I almost never tip less than 20%. BUT, I have never ever sent a thank you note and included a tip for a product I purchased. This customer just blew my mind. That note will find a place of honor on my wall to remind me that no matter what the news and the internet tell me about what a horrible place this world is turning into, I know it is still filled with amazing people. Fortunately, all of the customers here at Scripture Wall Art are wonderful people.  It makes our jobs great.

Honestly, what she called above and beyond, we just call normal around here. We treat each and every customer the way we would want to be treated which is what led us to create our “Goof Proof” guarantee.


The Scripture Wall Art Goof Proof guarantee is just our way of saying we will always treat you the way we would like to be treated. Our guarantee covers every aspect of our product. If you have any problem at all with one of our vinyl wall decals we will replace it or refund it. Period. Any reason!!! Your dog chewed it up? Yep, a new one is practically already there. Did you install it on your wall crooked? Yep, a new one is coming off our cutting machine right now. The cat came in and said he didn’t like it? Here comes the new one (but you may want to consider a new cat, just saying.) We just want you to be 100% happy with doing business with us and we will do whatever we can to make that happen.

Scripture Wall Art's Vinyl Wall Decal Logo


you make a high-quality product from the best materials available. That’s right. We don’t mess around with anything inferior around here (well, sometimes my coffee isn’t the best). Our products are great the first time. We use the best vinyl we can find and we pre-install the transfer tape for you making your installation fast and easy. We make a great product and back it with the “Goof Proof” guarantee and then we…


At Scripture Wall Art, we know that you want your product as fast as you can get it. We certainly do when we order things. So we get it to you quickly. How quick? Well, on Amazon, we sell many of our products through Amazon Prime which means we stock them in their warehouse and they ship them priority mail to you. That sounds pretty quick right? But, in most cases, we are faster than Amazon when we fulfill it ourselves.

When you order your product, it doesn’t even exist. That’s right, we make your vinyl wall art just for you when you order. Yet, amazingly, we still make it and ship it the same day in most cases. In fact, if you happen to live within a few hundred miles of us, we have had customers get their stuff the next day. That just blows their minds. One customer left us feedback on Amazon singing praises that we actually got their wall art to them before Amazon even said it would be shipped. That’s what we call greased lightning delivery.

Greased Lightning Wall Decal Delivery

How can we do this? I have no idea. I don’t do that part. Seriously, I have this amazing business partner, Angeline, who makes that magic all happen. In fact, I not only don’t know how she does it, I don’t even know where she is lol. Really. She has a motor home that she has set up as a mobile production studio. Last I heard she was hanging out with the Redwoods in California. Sometimes she hangs out in one place for a few days or weeks and sometimes she moves a little every day. A week ago she was on the Oregon coast about four hours from California. She had never seen the redwoods so headed that way.

That four-hour drive took her nearly 5 days to make lol. I tell you what, you’ve seen the bumper sticker that says “I brake for garage sales” well, she needs one that says “I brake for beaches”. She just can’t pass one by. She gets up each day and makes all the Scripture wall quotes that were ordered overnight. Then she wanders the beach, talks to the redwoods, or heads out for a drive. Later she stops and does the next round of decorative vinyl wall decals. So, I never really know where the Scripture Wall Art production office is.

(Keep going, your gift is almost here)

Me? Well, I am sitting right now in my home office in Naples. Naples Italy? No. Naples Florida? No. Naples Idaho actually. It is an exotic little town. We have a combo general store/post office/ice cream parlor/coffee shop and a tavern. Really, what else do we need? I am blessed to be able to sit at my computer and look out the window and watch a gentle snowfall slowly paint the trees white and put a layer of frosting on the frozen pond. There is have some quiet piano music playing and two wonderful dogs at my feet. I am in my formal sweats today.

Cutest Dogs

And our seasonal crew? Well, we get a group of amazing people gathered up a time or two a year and have them help us make our inventory that we ship to Amazon. They pick up the cut wall decals and take them home to prepare them for our Amazon customers. They are allowed to work in sweats as well….but only their formal sweats!!! We like to think of this as a different kind of “sweatshop”.

While this all may sound amazing, it truly is; but, don’t let me fool you. We both work our butts off. I have been averaging about 11 hours a day recently and I seldom take a whole day off. Now in the summer months, I slow down a bit and do a ton of gardening. But during winter, I really enjoy just hanging out doing all the computer stuff and staying on top of all the website stuff. Plus, I need to make sure we have a constant stream of new designs rolling out and that falls to my plate as well.

Angeline and I do our best to be in the same place at the same time at least once a year to make sure we are still in sync. The rest of the time, email and texting work perfect for us.


Actually no. We don’t see it as selling Scripture wall quotes. We see it as offering hope, helping to motivate, enhancing relationships, and a dozen other reasons. You see, a bible verse wall decal can offer hope during times of struggle, a motivational wall decal can help you give your workout that extra effort, a romantic love decal can remind you of what’s important, and kiddo themed wall art can help build self-esteem. It’s not about a simple piece of vinyl to us or to you. It’s about what the wall art provides you. That’s why we take our business so seriously. Vinyl wall decals improve peoples homes and lives. We think that is petty noble and it drives us daily to be the best decorative vinyl wall decal company out there. Frankly, you deserve that.


Just join our email list through this link —> here <—. And we will send you a coupon for a Buy 1, Get 1 Free wall decal. You should get it in a few minutes so by the time you search our designs, the coupon should be there. What? You already joined it on the home page when you got here? No worries, do it again here as this one goes to a special email address that triggers your gift. And don’t worry, our email system is pretty darn smart and it will know you already signed up and won’t send you two emails every time. Make sure to watch for our future emails as they will always contain a special value or gift not available to those not on our list. Plus, each email will have tips and tricks on how to use wall decals in new and exciting ways. So, don’t wait. Join our email list —> right here <—-.


We truly appreciate you reading this page. It means a lot that you took the time to get to know us here at Scripture Wall Art. We truly look forward to earning your wall decal business.

Kevin, Angeline, Dogs (Pirate and Booty) and Crew

PS. Angeline does have some cats that travel the world with her but I don’t have pictures of them.

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  1. How do I order a scripture not listed? I guess a custom order. Looking for something close to seven foot long. Need it ASAP. Is that possible?

    1. Hi Bridgette,

      Best to use our contact form for questions like this. We do check our comments regularly and respond but emails goes straight to someone who can start a project like that. I will contact you vie email as well.

      Thanks so much for visiting our site.

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